free beta

Narrativ is a tool for creating interactive multimedia. Build using this website, and it will generate a player for web and apps. It's designed for a certain style of multimedia based on scenes and audio.

It's easy to use: upload images, and your files are automatically stored in the cloud. Lay out your scenes however you like, and then connect them together with clickable hotspots.

Press "view" and you can see your creation running instantly in your browser. You can even share your link immediately with anybody you like, or keep it private to yourself.

Additional features include:

  • triggered audio
  • background music
  • logical branching based on user choices
  • animation via layers in PSD files
  • smooth multi-layered scrolling
  • simulated film grain
  • retina-resolution support
  • realtime analytics reporting
  • export to your own website
  • build into a native iOS app

It's currently in free beta. Please expect it to be rough around the edges. Feedback is welcomed.


Here are some more details...


Upload JPEG or PSD images as scenes, then create hotspots and links to wire them together.

Use layers in PSD images to get animation. Group together layers to create animation groups; such groups can loop continuously, play once based on a trigger, or show a state.

Also use layers in PSDs to get parallax scrolling. Give each group a separate rate; when the scene is scrolled, the parallax scrolling gives the illusion of depth.

Upload MP3 audio, then set tracks as background music or triggered cues.

If you're feeling advanced, use true/false variables to branch the flow of the presentation.

Once you've authored your presentation, share the URL, or download it in the desired resolution (medium, high, or retina) and format (web or app). The download comes as a ZIP which contains the player built into index.html, along with the transcoded JPG and MP3 assets, all ready to use.


Playback is designed for the latest web browsers, making use of HTML5 canvas and web audio. It offers high quality image scaling, streaming of background audio, touch support, image preloading, hotspot hinting, optional simulated film grain, and smooth transitions.

The player can be hosted as part of a regular website, and is best viewed with Chrome and Safari (desktop and iOS).

The player can also be embedded into a PhoneGap app and distributed as a native app on iOS.

Using Google Analytics, track live scene-by-scene views.